Putra Tunas Megah

Sterilizer Station

Selling Best Price Palm Oil Mill Sterilizer. PT. Putra Tunas Megah serves palm oil mill sterilizer manufacturing services of various diameters. We produce two types of CPO station sterilizers, namely horizontal sterilizers and vertical sterilizers. We sell horizontal and vertical palm oil mill sterilizers with the following specifications:- Diameter: Ø 2100, Ø 2700, Ø 2800, Ø 3200 (shell height and length can be customized according to client's request)- Material: ASTM A 516 GR 70- Capacity: 60 m³ - 160.32 m³Our products have superior quality and quality so that they can be relied on for the various CPO processing needs of your palm oil mill. Because we have been supported by a workforce of experts who are experienced in the fabrication of CPO processing machines. Please contact us for sterilizer needs at your palm oil mill.
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