Putra Tunas Megah

Palm Oil Processing Machine

Sell Palm Oil Processing Machine Best Proce And Quality. PT. Putra Tunas Megah, a supplier company that sells various types and functions of palm oil processing machines. The palm oil processing machine has a very important role in the palm oil industry. Because oil palm is one of the biggest commodities and also one of the assets owned by Indonesia as a producer that provides benefits, but of course the oil palm fruit must first go through a processing process so that it requires a palm oil processing machine. There are many processed palm oil products, one of which is palm oil (CPO). The process of palm oil processing generally has quite long stages. Where, at each stage to produce oil from palm oil requires various types of machines that are adapted to the functions and stages of the palm oil processing. Processing palm oil into multipurpose products requires supporting tools and machines such as tippler, thresher drum, storage tank, nut polishing drum, ripple mill and others.
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