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Conveyor Belt

Selling Conveyor Belt in Medan. Belt conveyor is a material transfer machine whose function is to move the load in the form of units or spills that use a belt as a conductor of the load. Belt conveyors work in a horizontal direction or form an angle of inclination from one operating system to another operating system in a production process line. This transport aircraft is widely used in various industries. The main component of this tool is the belt that is located
on the supporting rollers. Belts are made of materials such as cotton, rubber, nylon, steel, plastic, leather or other metals depending on the type and nature of the material to be transported. Belt must meet the requirements, namely the ability of low water absorption, high strength, lightweight, flexible, small strain, high layer separation resistance and long service life. For these requirements, belts that are widely used are those made of rubber. We, PT, Putra Tunas Megah sell conveyor belts in Medan for the needs of the palm oil industry and other industries. Due to the existence of this conveyor system, the transportation of results from oil palm plantations can be done faster and more economically because it works sustainably and can directly lead to the production machine. For your company's conveyor belt needs please contact us.
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